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Dec. 4th 5:00pm
Nov. 19th 5:00pm
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TOTW Cards  5:00pm  
EVENT Cards5:00pm   5:00pm
SQUAD BATTLESIs player VS AI. Each season lasts 1 week. Win points based on opponent overall and AI difficulty. Opponents refresh daily.
RIVALSIs a player VS player. Each season lasts 1 week with a 50 game max. Points can go towards HUT CHAMPS entry.
RUSHIs optional player VS player or AI with multi week seasons and weekly challenge refresh.
CHAMPSIs player VS player weekend tournament with a 20 game max. Entry is obtained through RIVALS mode.
PRIMETIME CARDS Are performance based cards released daily.
TOTW CARDS Are performance based cards released once a week. Challenge the TOTW in SQUAD BATTLES.
EVENT CARDS Are related to the current event and released twice a week.

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Synergy Glossary
Player Stats Glossary
Goalie Stats Glossary
Gladiator +3 Slap Shot Power, Body Checking, Strength, Def AwarenessPlayer:4
Howitzer +3 Agility, Speed, Slap Shot Power, Wrist Shot PowerPlayer:6
Light the Lamp +3 Balance, Wrist Shot Accuracy, Hand-Eye, Off AwarenessPlayer:4
Magician +4 Agility, Deking, Puck ControlPlayer:4
Passing Playmaker +4 Slap Shot Accuracy, Passing, Stick CheckingPlayer:4
Shutdown +3 Slap Shot Accuracy, Puck Control, Body Checking, Shot BlockingPlayer:4
Speedster +4 Speed, Wrist Shot PowerPlayer:4
Thief +5 Stick Checking, FaceoffsPlayer:4
Workhorse +3 Acceleration, Balance, Endurance, DurabilityPlayer:4
Wingman +3 Acceleration, Wrist Shot Accuracy, PassingPlayer:4
Balanced +3 Endurance, Wrist Shot Power, Deking, Puck Control, Def AwarenessTeam:10
Barrage +4 Slap Shot Accuracy, Slap Shot Power, Aggression, Off AwarenessTeam:10
Distributor +3 Speed, Passing, Puck Control, DurabilityTeam:10
Heart & Soul +4 Balance, Endurance, Shot Blocking, FaceoffsTeam:10
Spark +4 Acceleration, Body Checking, Strength, DisciplineTeam:10
Swarm +4 Agility, Hand-Eye, Def Awareness, Stick CheckingTeam:8
OVR: Overall
aOVR: Adjusted Overall without Faceoffs, Durability, Fighting, Discipline.
DEK: Deking
HAE: Hand-Eye
PAS: Passing
PC: Puck Control
SSA: Slap Shot Accuracy
SSP: Slap Shot Power
WSA: Wrist Shot Accuracy
WSP: Wrist Shot Power
ACC: Acceleration
AGI: Agility
BAL: Balance
END: Endurance
SPD: Speed
DIS: Discipline
OAW: Offensive Awareness
DAW: Defensive Awareness
FO: Faceoffs
BLK: Shot Blocking
SCH: Stick Checking
AGR: Aggression
CHK: Checking
DUR: Durability
FS: Fighting Skill
STR: Strength
OVR: Overall
GH: Glove High
GL: Glove Low
5H: 5 Hole
SH: Stick High
SL: Stick Low
SR: Shot Recovery
AGG: Aggression
AGI: Agility
SPD: Speed
POS: Positioning
BA: Breakaway
VIS: Vision
PC: Poke Check
RBC: Rebound Control
PAS: Passing